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Handheld Gas Analyser Filters

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Handheld gas analysers are used in various industries to detect and measure concentrations of gases. Filters in these devices play a crucial role in ensuring accurate readings and protecting the sensors.

Headline Filters supply many handheld gas analyser OEM manufacturers around the world with our high quality filtration products.

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Here are some key points about the filters used in handheld gas analysers:

  1. Purpose:
    - Particulate Filtration: To prevent dust and particulate matter from entering the analyser, which could damage the sensor or interfere with readings.
    - Moisture Removal: To remove moisture from the gas sample, as humidity can affect sensor accuracy. This is where our excellent coalescing filters are used. 
    - Chemical Filtration: To eliminate or reduce the presence of interfering gases that could skew the results.

  2. Types of Filters:
    - Particulate Filters: Our borosilicate glass microfibre filters are designed to trap dust and other solid particles.
    - Desiccant Filters: Headline Filters disposable inline filters contain materials like silica gel or molecular sieves that absorb moisture from the gas sample.
    - Chemical Filters: Often use activated charcoal or specific chemical absorbents to remove or neutralize interfering substances.

  3. Replacement and Maintenance:
    - Filters need to be checked regularly and replaced according to the manufacturer's guidelines to ensure they function correctly and do not become clogged or saturated.
    - Proper maintenance extends the lifespan of the analyser and maintains accuracy.

  4. Compatibility:
    - Filters must be compatible with the specific gases being measured and the operating environment of the analyser.
    - Some analysers come with customizable filter options to suit different applications.

  5. Common Applications:
    - Industrial Safety: Monitoring toxic gases in factories.
    - Domestic & Commercial Boilers: Flue gas analysis including oil boilers.
    - Environmental Monitoring: Checking air quality and pollution levels.
    - Medical: Monitoring gases in healthcare settings.

When selecting or replacing filters for a handheld gas analyser, it's important to refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure optimal performance and safety.

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